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Dubai is a familiar name when it comes to tourism. Without thinking twice, people love to spend their vacations in Dubai. The Dubai City Tour gives you a feel of being in a wonderland. The mesmerizing architect of the city, its skyscrapers, and its culture and how one can forget its mind-blowing and worlds best shopping malls. The City of Dubai has two sides, which shows the ancient and historical side of the city, which is full of a fantastic architect. On the contrary, its other side has a more modern and glittery touch where anyone has a chance to taste and the contemporary world.


Dubai has so much to offer to its tourists and visitors that one can never regret his decision to visit Dubai. Your Dubai City Tour will be one of the memorable and unforgettable trips of your life which have all the elements of a great trip including enjoyment, thrill, excitement, novelty, comfort, and every other element just to make it a great memory of your life.


Dubai City Tour Overview

We provide one of the best packages for the Dubai City tour PACKAGE , which are both affordable and comfortable along with the excitement and thrill. We can try our best to help you explore both the historic and full of past secrets life of Dubai as well as its modern, mesmerizing, and spectacular and glittering side. You can explore the best and world-class places during your trip like the Dubai Museum, which is nestled in Al Fahidi Fort. The museum displays many artifacts and art pieces that can take you on the journey of past times. One of the masterpieces of the architect is the Jumeirah mosque, which can help awestruck its viewers with a fantastic blend of Islamic and contemporary architecture.



On the other hand, the modern and glittering side of Dubai is also full of wonders and have some phenomenal attraction like Burj Al Arab Hotel which has the honor of being the only seven-star hotel in the world. And how can we forget to take you to Jumeirah Beach? In short, the Dubai City tour Package  will be one of its kind and unique experience of your life, which has the power to mesmerize you and gives you lifelong memories. And we can help to make that possible for you with our top-class services.Our 5:00  hour Dubai city tour would take you to the most prominent places in Dubai. You also get to see two different sides of Dubai, the historical one, and the modern one. Beginning with the Dubai Museum, located in the Al Fahidi Fort (built in the 18th century), you get to see Dubai before it discovered oil and became the power city it is today. This is followed by a drive along the Dubai Creek, which is a historical area and still holds remnants of the past.

You get to enjoy Arabic architecture with a visit to Jumeirah Mosque, which is the only mosque in Dubai open to non-Muslims. So, make the most of it. While the historical part of the city is quite interesting, your Dubai city tour would not be complete if you do not see its modern side.

The tour takes you Hotel Burj Al Arab (which is designed in the shape of a sail), the Palm Islands ( the largest artificial island in the world), Hotel Atlantis the Palm (the crowning glory of Palm Jumeirah), Jumeirah Beach and Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world). The tour also includes a drive along the Shiekh Zayed Road so that you can take a look at the skyscrapers and magnificent buildings on both sides of the road.

This tour package by us has been designed to cover the most important places in the city of Dubai. This tour package is perfect for those who want to view the entire city of Dubai

Dubai, The favorite shopping destination attracts every travel lover with its new-fangled shopping malls and traditional souks. It has world’s only seven-star hotel in it. The history, heritage and vibrant lifestyle of this city weave the best holidays.

Interestingly, we had a day off between the two days of our conference. All of us wanted to see this beautiful city ever since we landed here. So, my first job was to find an affordable day tour guide to the town.

The internet makes life easy these days. I also choose to Google for the best rated and high ranked day guide in Dubai.

Out of the names I filtered, I sent emails to each one of them. TravelPlanDubai was the first of them to reply to my queries.

In fact, I was amazed to use their chat services that continuously supported my doubts and reservation. Their representative met us at the hotel lounge and finalized the tour booking.

The Tour Day

My colleagues and I eagerly waited for TravelPlanDubai crew to initiate our Dubai City Tour. We prepared ourselves as per the list of itinerary sent by the team.

Their punctuality is something to appreciate. They were prompt in their pick up time, and a latest air-conditioned car was right at the hotel doors for me at the scheduled time.

Dubai is one of the best places to travel for business tourists without any doubt. Business travelers visit this city often for their exhibitions, meetings, and conferences.

The white sand beaches, rugged mountain topography, heritage buildings, and tranquil deserts are full peace providers.

Dubai is an active place for all leisure lovers. The heritage museum, theme parks, traditional souks and shopping malls will give you shots of astonishment one after another.

Your moments of awestruck are never-ending in this beautiful modern city.

While communicating with them, we knew that they could customize the city tours like 4 or 6 hours for people with less time in hand, especially Dubai Airport Layover or Transit travelers.

Since we had a whole day off, 8 hours, Dubai city tour package was the most appropriate for us.

Our Journey Begins

Thankfully the tour guide accompanying us was an English speaking professional. His knowledge about the city’s history and evolution, his time-sense, road and direction grip was extraordinary.

He drove us through all the spots that we have chosen. He told us interesting facts about the heritage places of Dubai that even Google did not have a trace.

Yes, sometimes we need a local to know a place better. No amount of Google research can suffice information about a place like the way a native can guide you.

The best thing about my cheerful driver cum guide was he never compromised for our comfort. Throughout the visit, he kept us engaged with his narrations about the city.

All our colleagues well understood English, or else as heard from our guide, TravelPlanDubai appoints unique language guides as and when required with additional cost.

Burj Khalifa (Photo Stop):

Ever since I knew I was going to Dubai, my first thought was to visit this gorgeous mega tall skyscraper in the world.

Burj Khalifa was like a dream come a right moment for me. I was already excited as we reached Burj Khalifa.

The City Tour doesn’t cover the access to Observation desk. Luckily we booked our ticket online and we merged our visit the Observation desk with City Tour.

As we climbed the tallest building in the world by lift, we made several stoppages to see the city from different altitudes. Trust me it was heavenly.

When you look at outside from those high floors, the entire world comes to your glance. The feeling is beyond a verbal expression. The world seemed to be in my arms from the glass door windows.

The beauty of this vibrant country is apparently visible from the altitude we were. The aristocracy of the city was just in front of our eyes. Nowhere ever can I ever have this beautiful view.

We clicked pictures to save the memories of this lovely spot.

Note: Please note that you will have to book online well in advance to get inside the observatory deck.


Package Includes

  1. Pick up & Drop back at your hotel
  2. Clean and Air-Conditioned 
  3. Old Dubai Creek – Sightseeing Only
  4. Palm JumeirahThe Point  – Sightseeing & Jumeirah  Grand Mosque  PhotoPoint
  5. Dubai Museum
  6. Burj Al Arab 
  7. Burj Khalifa 
  8. Jumeirah Beach
  9. Mall of Emirates
  10. Gold Souk & Spice Souk
  11. Dubai Mall – Drop-Off Optional
  12. Hindu Tempel


  1. Pick up Time: 08:00 Hrs – 08:30 Hrs
  2. Drop Off Time: 12:00 Hrs – 12:30 Hrs
  3. Total Duration: 05:00 Hrs (Approx)

Additional Picks (PAID)

  1. Burj Khalifa 124-125th Floor Access
  2. Burj Khalifa Premium 148th Floor Access
  3. Tea or Coffee on the 148th Floor at Burj Khalifa
  4. Private Exclusive  Car for Family 

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