Safari Park Dubai 

As we all know, Dubai is a great city known for its many man-made ponders. One among them that intrigues me the most is the Dubai Safari Park scaling over an area of 119 hectares. This amazing nature park houses up to 2,500 mixtures of creatures, going from moon bears to deer. To take benefit of your time here in Safari Park Dubai, take a Dubai Safari Park Map along with you, and you truly want to prepare. This tour provides various timings, you can join according to your routines. SAFARI PARK DUBAI 


This Zoo in Dubai will assure you that your ordeal is a bona fide one. Dubai Safari Park has various intuitive events and is a definite statute visit, mainly assuming that you are going with youngsters. Grand Aviary, Giraffe Feeding, and myriad other intuitive events of Safari Park Dubai give an open door to youths to intently blend with untamed life in a protected climate. Moreover, awesome Places To Visit In Sharjah await you. Aside from these rivalries, you’ll track down many dramatic events, fascinating shows, and so forth.SAFARI PARK DUBAI 

You can update your pass to merge a Safari tour in the village of explorer too. If it’s not too much trouble, note that this ticket redesign will be founded on the accessibility of the Safari at the recreation area upon the arrival of your visit. Head on an untamed life event with a decent Safari Park ticket Price giving you a welcome to the various zones and settings in the leisure area. You can redesign your pass to gain a welcome to the great Dubai Zoo and the village was given accessibility. Let’s have an insight into the popular attractions of the Zoo in Dubai.


Popular Attractions:

With this ticket, you gain a welcome to the African Village, Asian Village, and Arabian Desert Safari, including the inciting live shows. Why Visit this popular Park? Ordeal one of the broadest natural life parks with your Safari Park Tickets. Witness amazing creatures from one side of the planet to the other in their territories. Whether it is the deserts of Arabia or the low groves of Asia, you’ll observe imitated at the Dubai Zoo Safari. On the other hand, our other excursion offers bring Jebel Jais tour with special packages to enjoy in UAE.SAFARI PARK DUBAI 

This Zoo in Dubai will assure that your ordeal is a bona fide one. Dubai Safari Park has various intuitive events and is a definite statute visit, mainly assuming that you are going with youngsters. Grand Aviary, Giraffe Feeding, and myriad other intuitive events of Safari Park Dubai give an open door to youths to intently blend with untamed life in a protected climate. Aside from these rivalries, you’ll track down many dramatic events, fascinating shows, and so forth. SAFARI PARK DUBAI 

However, all these places explicitly are hoped to tell you more about the world’s fauna. The Safari Park affirms an eye-getting first rapport with the lovely lakes and verdant arranging of Dubai Zoo. An armada of eco-accommodating autos takes you around the huge park with hug SAFARI PARK DUBAI Timings. The safari of 119-hectare is split into various zones that you can see on Dubai Safari Park Map, each including marked geology and creature populace.

Location of Safari Park Dubai

Covering every one of the towns takes you something like 4-5 hours or about a large portion of a day. Thus, we suggest that you put away a day to cover the leisure area easily, alongside venturing out to and from the recreation area too. You must explore and figure out the subjects of these zones of Dubai Zoo and also know about various sort of creatures they have at great Safari Park Tickets prices. These ticket prices are affordable and in your financial range.


Dubai Safari Park Timings:

The best Park Timings are mostly from Nov to Mar, as during these touring months, the weather ailments are cool enough for you to seek the spot serenely. Dubai Zoo is the most suitable and exciting chance to watch the creatures of this inciting Safari Dubai Park. Therefore, I assure you that this enticing Dubai Zoo is here for giving you a definite and inciting thrill. Once, you know it, you will surely admire and like the stances around you. Get the best event of your life. You can further scour our best Dubai Museum Of The Future offers.

Experience The Startling Dubai Zoo Visit:

This park may be a creature asylum and a natural life save, but it puts a ton of prestige on urging guests to the tour. This tour attracts various people globally due to its amazing and mesmerizing Fauna And Flora. Also, for this very explanation, they have numerous intuitive meetings and exercises, very much for kids. Here is a rundown of SAFARI PARK DUBAI  exercises you and your kids can partake in. Hence, if you are going to join Dubai, it’s a perfect choice. I am eagerly waiting to go for seeking the great Flora And Fauna of the safari park. Weighing up to 6,000kgs and measuring up to 3.3m at the shoulder, the African Elephant is the world’s largest land mammal. A combination of the upper lip and nose, an African elephant’s trunk is extremely versatile. Elephants use their trunk for smelling, breathing, detecting vibrations, caressing their young, sucking up water, and grasping objects. The tip of their trunk is comprised of two opposable extensions, or fingers, which allow for extreme dexterity Dubai Safari Park has reopened for a new season with plenty of new animals to see, restaurants to munch in and interactive edutainment shows to enjoy.

The popular outdoor destination in Dubai closed its gates to the public in May 2022 for a summer spruce up but has now reopened with several exciting new features to enhance visitors’ experience. Read on to learn about Safari Park Dubai attractions, timings and ticket prices SAFARI PARK DUBAI  

Visitors can enjoy various interactive activities, awareness programmes, and the opportunity to feed the animals by hand. Also, various park facilities are designed to make your visit more convenient and fun. Furthermore, visitors have access to these facilities.IN SAFARI PARK DUBAI 


  • Restaurants and kiosks
  • Baby changing rooms
  • First aid facility
  • Toilets
  • Separate prayer areas for male and female visitors

About Safari Park Dubai

In the Dubai Safari Park, you will discover the various zones and habitats of the animals and watch animal displays in two different theaters. It is time to take part in an experience with wildlife at the new Dubai attraction. Children can communicate with and understand more about animals in a particular field. The Park takes about 8 hours, and the interest is more than enough for your entire day. Choose between your general ticket and the Safari Journey Kit Travel in the various areas on an eco-friendly solar-powered vehicle and spend the day taking advantage of the exclusive Safari Park experience in Dubai. The Park is enjoyable for children in Dubai with special events, families, and new visitors. Dubai offers many other safari park dubai  and unfilled tourist activities.

The Park utilizes new immersive approaches to ensure guests a unique and distinctive experience in its monitoring and activity. Dubai Safari Park is a complete interactive wildlife experience that starts at the gate with animals such as lions, tigers, cheetahs, elephants and bears, and many more. Step into the Dubai Safari and see for yourself the enchanted world. See the numerous ecosystems, villages, and varied flora and fauna surrounding you when visiting the areas of the site. You will also take part in immersive exhibits besides seeing the animals. safari park dubai 

Safari Park Layout

The Dubai Safari park spans 119 hectares and is vast. There is a whole fleet of ecological vehicles to ease transportation, including trains, buses, and cars in the Park. Solar energy is the Park’s primary source of energy. Strong structures are also used to recycle water for drainage and waste management in the Park. This new safari park is a replacement for the half-century-old Dubai Zoo. In all the villages of Safari Park, there are rare and essential species. The Park is built on a vast 119-hectare field. The fence is 3.5 kilometers long from Dubai Safari Park. If your encounters need to be improved, go to the Safari Journey Kit, which provides access to all the items in the entrance ticket and an exclusive safari show to explore African and Asian animals in Dubai Safari . safari park dubai 

Safari Park Opening

The Dubai Safari Park opened to the general public for the first time on 12 December 2017. The Park was opened for a limited day and had free admission to the public. This free entry was for two weeks in Dubai Safari Park. Due to its redesign and upgrade on 15 May 2018, the Park was reopened. The scheduled reopening schedule for parks was 1 October 2018. The animals have also been imported from Asia, the USA, Africa, etc. With 119 hectares and more than 2500 species, the Park was built for approximately $270 million. Dubai Safari Park is closed and only sheltered after five months of upkeep. When the Dubai Safari Park invites visitors, there is no set date. safari park dubai

Safari Park Reopening

The Dubai Municipality announced a reopening of the Dubai Safari park on 5 October with new actions aimed at safeguarding visitors from coronavirus attacks. The reopening of the Park, a crucial component of the Emirate’s tourist attractions list, said Dawoud Al Hajri, the general manager of the municipality of Dubai. The reopening of the Park illustrates how easy it is to rebound on the tourist market. The social intervals of 2 meters, with stickers on the floors to direct guests, are strictly applied. Sale devices in the Park also sell masks and gloves while every tourist gets hand sanitized. The opening is accompanied by an ambitious redesign and expansion process intended to extend the Park’s infrastructure and improve the visitor experience. safari park dubai 

New Addition in Safari Park Dubai

New programs have been added to improve the tourist experience, such as animal food, cultural awareness, and seasonal events. The latest Dubai Safari also has a group of new species in wildlife and educational reserves, including African elephants and giraffes. The Park has unusual animals like the Komodo dragon, antelope with a spiral tail, Arab oryx, gorilla, bongo, and lemur, a spotted African wild dog. On air-conditioned S trains, tourists can travel across the Park. A bus tour in the Village Explorer also offers tourists an opportunity to experience animals from Africa and Asia. safari park dubai 

Safari Park Dubai  Location and Features

It’s situated in Dubai’s Al Warqa 5. The location of Safari Park is deliberately selected to suit the temperament of the animals so that they can readily adapt. You can get there by metro or bus from the Park near Al Warsan 1, Eppco 2 bus station, and metro line 1. Dubai Safari’s address is straightforward; you should take the metro or bus. This famous Park delivers all the facilities you want to make it more fun and memorable with this beautiful experience. The Park is fully featured with restaurants,  Children changing rooms, Toilets, Kiosks, Prayer rooms, Souvenir shops, and First aid. safari park dubai 


Safari Park Dubai Timings

Many people want to know about Dubai Safari park’s timings for a visit there. The Dubai Safari is open from 9 am to 9 pm except for the safari village. The time is from 9 am to 7 pm for the Safari village. The visitors’ entrance closes two hours before each section closes. After 5:00 pm, the tourists cannot reach the safari or enter other areas of the Park after 7:00 pm. It took about five hours to look around the Park. When entering Dubai Safari Park, tourists must keep the timings in mind. The time for the village of Safari is 9 am to 7 pm. safari park dubai 

Safari Park Dubai Tickets

From various choices between Dubai Safari park tickets, visitors can select Dubai Safari Park tickets, such as entry tickets and all-access tickets. These tickets guarantee that visitors receive these tickets immediately in the Park. You have to display the ticket at the e-ticket desk on your cell phone. Four areas with a wide variety of animals are available to select from. It is possible to access all areas of Dubai Safari Park and have an age identity for children younger than three and older people older than 60. safari park dubai 

Safari Park Dubai Ticket Prices

In the case of Dubai Safari park ticket price, the tickets at the launch of the Park were free of charge, but now the tickets are just AED 50 for entire tours, including safari village. Children’s tickets cost AED 30 for full tours like Safari Village, and AED 20 is only available if you exclude the Safari Village. However, the timings of Safari Park Dubai during this corona time are from 9 to 5 for both families and kids. safari park dubai 

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